The Beating Heart Painting

Beating Heart Painting


I repainted this because I was unhappy with the last one.

This painting is represents life. Leaves falling from the bottom tree resembling sand falling in an hourglass and the clock beside it both show that our days are limited. The three tress at the top symbolize mind, body, and spirit. The paradox of the trees is that for each beat of the heart a leaves grow on the top but fall on the bottom. This is to show we live with each heart beat, but it brings us closer to our death. The rose represents love, which shows the delicacy of love has on a human’s heart. All encompass the heart because the heart is a vital organ for survival.


The Beating Heart 12 x 12 x 1.375 in acrylics on canvas. Price $250.00


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Balance of Our Mind

The Balance 1

This sketch represents is the balance of our minds. The side with the thorns represent our negative thoughts, and the side with the leaves represents the positive thoughts. I used thorns for the negative thoughts because they tend to have a harder fixation in my brain. The vine weaves in and out of the brain like worms showing that thoughts invade our minds without much control.


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